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Cookbook Greek Cuisine by Vefa Alexiadou Βέφα Αλεξιάδου Vefa Alexiadou Cook Books and Blog

“Sit down at my table, enjoy my Greek food, and no matter where you come from, you will feel that you’ve come home. Whenit is good, Greek food always has that effect on people. Our cuisine is simple-but that does’nt mean it’s either plain or bland. Greek food at its best does not need a lot of spices. The flavor comes from the purity and freshness of the ingredients!”

These 300 authentic “life – tested” recipes have been adjusted to modern tastes without sacrificing traditional textures and flavors. Her imagination and skill at presentation are unequalled, her eye for color and detail unparalleled, proving that Greek cuisine is anything but rustic and plain. The information on Greek culture and food customs included in “Greek Cuisine” and its companion “Greek Pastries & Desserts”, makes these two volumes essential to any culinary library.

Language: English

Author: Vefa Alexiadou  Publisher: Vefa Alexiadou Editions 2004 Tithe Edition

Rcipes: 300   Pages: 160  Color photographs: more than 200

Dimensions: 21,5 cm x 28,5cm  –  8.8 x 0.8 x 11 inches


ISBN: 960-65018-6-5



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