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THE BEST OF GREEK CUISINE English EditionΤΑ BEST ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΚΟΥΖΙΝΑΣ Βέφα Αλεξιάδου Vefa Alexiadou Cook Books and Blog

The book “Greek Cuisine” contains a rich recipe collection of Greek specialties, which serves the goal of not only spreading the traditional culinary art among the younger Greek women and thus preserving them for posterity. Vefa Alexiadou asks for tasty dishes consisting of vegetables, fish, legumes, traditionally made cheese and olive oil at the table, foods that form the basis of Mediterranean cuisine.

Softcover:  80 pages

Publisher:  Vefa Alexiadou (May 1 2004)

Language:  english

ISBN-10:  9608807751

ISBN-13:  978-9608807754